Astrology to predict the tendencies of energies

energy tendencies

Energy tendencies – prediction

After we learn to understand our Astral chart, we can use the revelations, progressions and transitions to predict the energy tendencies in our lives.

One can understand the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities by analyzing the way the planets move through your astrological Chart. When there are two or more planets in the same house at the same time, they make certain aspects more apparent and also sometimes cause psychological interference in our lives.

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Sometimes, we make decisions because of the pressure caused by this energy; remember that the planets reflect the kind of energy that the pressure causes but they do not represent the mechanism which makes the decisions. Apart from using these resources, one can use the solar or lunar revolutions and thus understand the annual chart in a more defined manner.  The astrological chart of the year represents the chart of your astral birthday, in other words, it starts from the day and time when the sun passed over exactly the same point where you were in your chart (which is generally the day, a day before or a day after your birth). Thus, you can ask a question and note down the date, time and the place where the question is being asked or the way the situation will affect you. This kind of Astrology is called Time Astrology.

Energy tendencies

Energy tendencies – science?

There are more precise methods using the Ascendant and the Retrograde or something similar, when the same thing happens to the person concerned, especially of the Ascendant, that year becomes important for the individual.

In a certain way Astrology is a science too, as it uses some understanding of science over the celestial bodies. Some people use Astrology to find out about the future and about the personalities of people. With the name, date, time and place of birth, it is possible to discover a lot about the person in question, I would say even 90%.

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But when there is not enough information, then I use special techniques which are an advanced mixture of Numerology, Astrology and the GIFT given to me by the Divine to help those looking for information, insight and decisions regarding their lives or even about those surrounding them.

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Energy tendencies

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