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Impacts of yesterday’s Full Moon

May Full Moon

May Full Moon – all depends on your Zodiac

Everyone waits for the Full Moon every month due to their beliefs and guesses. People have high hopes that perhaps their fate will change for their interests and fulfill their wishes. In this article we will talk about the May Full Moon effect on the 29th on Earth, Life and Astrological Signs.

Under the Numerology theories, the May Full Moon was controlled by the 6, 10 and 41 charts number, which shows us predicting the impact of the Moon and the quality of energy that will be sent to us and the successive events to this celestial event. This means that the direct impact of the Moon that night was directed to the Taurus , Gemini , Virgo and Libra under the number 41 in the astronomical map and the First, second and third order of Earth and Air constellation.

As for each month energies are equivalent to some and harsh on the other, so the zodiac signs that will have a good share of the power of sanctity these days are: Libra , Aquarius and some of Aries people but the signs that should avoid this energy and advice them to avoid exposing themselves directly to the May Full Moon light are: Gemini and Earth signs specially Taurus and Capricorn.

May Full Moon

May Full Moon ‘s impact on earth life and zodiac constellations: (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) for 29 May – 28 June period:

– Gives Energy of choices specially in the fields of: start or end a relationship – Marriage – Future sentimental and family plans to have kids. How we will respond to others when they approach to us or how we will treat them and how we will nurture our relationships.

– Push you to remember that your experience in life with negativity is a necessary part of the big picture.

– Gives Energy of duality on every level.

– Light on your relations with lovers and also brothers and sisters.

– Cause some temptations that you might have to make some difficult life changing decisions.

– Push some to embark on a second business or career or find yourself moonlightning or adopting a new hobby.

– Confuse specially Earth signs and Gemini that may be a willing victim of trickery and deception specially with your relations with your partner ( work, love and family alliance ). They may have unwise counsel, like the snake… or wise, depending on how they look at it. Also their life may be in for some changes like finding themselves leaving the safety of a metaphorical garden to see the real world outside with there own eyes.

– Push specially Libras, Aries and Aquarius to fall in love if they are singles or to find their passion and interest renewed in an existing relationship. So they could find themselves in a new relationship or discover that they are suddenly more attractive to others.

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– Accelerate or modify your communication by pushing you to work on refining your communication skills or you will find yourself in a close contact with others.

– Light on some flirt actions in relations and that some will have a quick wit.

– Light on some parts of our health related to what we eat like intestines, waist, throat and breast and push a lot to follow an appropriate diet or to do some sports.

– Push Libras and Aquarius to confess about their feelings to someone or to discover new Love.

– Disturb Geminis and some Aquarius in their relations because of some dispute with their partners.

– Cause some delays or breaking in love for Scorpios and some Pisces.

– Push Cancers and some Pisces to put future sentimental plans or to renew and break the routine of their relations.

May Full Moon

– Protect Aries and some Sagittarius relations from Breaking and give hope for those that they are searching for love.

– Cause some emotional or health problem for Leos and some Sagittarius.

– Cause some Financial problems for Virgo and some Capricorn.

– Cancel projects for Taurus and some Capricorn.

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