The missing 13th constellation; our lost star sign: OPHIUCHUS


Ophiuchus – early ages

For thousands of years man looked towards the heavens for inspiration and guidance. Before the invention of the sextant, sailors followed paths in the constellations. Some of the earliest maps contained paintings of constellations. We will see that Ophiuchus was discovered a bit later.

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Ancient Egyptians portrayed the heavens as a wheel, where all things were contained within this wheel, but also rotated outside in a contrary direction, just like the moon and sun move around the Earth. Celestial observations gave prophecy to major events like flood, famine and drought. The moon’s gentle power moved oceans and tides like the virtual life blood of the planet Earth. The Sun warmed, creating new life with each day, not one person, element or animal escaped the power of the planets.

The oldest undisputed evidence of astrology, as a knowledge system integrated into every person’s life, was Babylonian, so the first formed system known to man appeared in the 2nd millennium BC. The history of navigation and seamanship, the power to guide a vessel upon the open sea using circumpolar stars, was used not only for ships, but was reflected in people and their daily lives.


Ophiuchus – secrets

Astrology used the magnificent stars, as they slowly moved across the sky, and in time became known as star divination. These constellations reveled secrets around a person’s birth. Each individual’s life therefore had direction, purpose and gifts bestowed upon them, which could be envisaged or obtained. The art of prediction through the energy of the stars was born.

Things do not remain the same, as man in his quest for knowledge and understanding now adds the missing 13th zodiac sign, as normally 12 are known. This 13th missing zodiac sign, said to be called Ophiuchus would make 86% of us under a new or different star sign than first imagined. So 3,000 years ago Babylonians did believe, the movement of the constellations affected all events on Earth, but since this time, the stars have changed position, this is a known fact. As astrologers from the past found new constellations, their wheel of astrology changed and developed.

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Is it time to add this new found 13th symbol? To update the whole Astrology wheel, so everyone can benefit from a more modern, up to date analysis of our lives and the power of the planets upon us? Many of us turn to the planets and our star signs for guidance. With all our technology this fabulous system deserves an upgrade, to match where the stars actually are today, not 3,000 years ago.

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