Be prepared for Venus – Mars conjunction

Venus Mars conjunction

Venus Mars conjunction – intensive feelings

The Venus Mars conjunction of the 5th of October occurs on the 19°02′ of Virgo. On the same day there is also a potent full moon in Aries. Full moons bring to culmination the processes started during the previous new moon (see my article about the new moon in Virgo on the 20th of September ) Emotions and instincts also reach their peak. The simultaneous conjunction between Mars and Venus gives even more intensity to the feelings.

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If you are single you will be driven by a strong urge during these days to find a special one. Since both Mars and Venus are in the earthy Virgo, even if you were shy before, you will be ready to take practical steps to meet Mr. or Ms Right. Although it is not exact, Venus and Mars oppose Neptune, which indicates that certain romantic ideals have a strong impact on you. If you avoid the traps of Neptunian illusions and self-delusions, this aspect can amplify your intuition, thus you will anticipate where to go, what to do, how to change your attitude to attract the right person. (Dreams can give you important hints and an Astro – Tarot reading can also be helpful).The two planets trine Pluto – which is an other indication that in heart matters you can trust your gut instincts and there are great prospects for a passionate and lasting relationship.

Venus Mars conjunction

However, as I warned you above, Neptune also is the planet of illusion and self delusion. So if something looks too good to be true, a healthy dose of scepticism is recommended. (Both the full moon and the conjunction between Mars and Venus opposing Neptune may indicate love triangles.) If you get involved in such affairs, bitter awakenings are very likely some days later, when Venus and Mars reach the Saturn square.

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Venus Mars conjunction – don’t waste your time

It can also happen that in the fog generated by Neptune you are not able to see the forest from the trees. Thus, while you might expect romantic proofs of love like candle-light dinners and other stuff preferred by Neptune, the motto of a potential partner influenced by the Venus – Mars conjunction in Virgo may be : „actions speak louder than words”. So instead of big phrases, he/she may express his/her feelings by fixing things, solving problems, being there, supporting you. Maybe there is already around you such a special person, but since you are waiting for the prince/ princess, you don’t recognize him/her. If so, it is high time to open your eyes. Remember my article about “keep waiting for your soul mate“. Do not waste your time on waiting on the perfect partner! You’d better open up your heart to welcome that person who can give you lasting happiness by his/her physical presence, steadiness, reliability. A compatibility reading can give you clarity if the person by your side is the right one.

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Venus Mars conjunction

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