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Guardian angel

Guardian Angel our invisible companion

Guardian angel – always with you Our angels accompany us all our lives and carry us on their wings in the silence and tranquility of the world. Whether we are sad or feel pleasure – our guardian angel is always there. They have very special vibrations and give us in everyday life clues how to make the life easier. They bring us the ease in our lives and thus the strength to walk the path of life in confidence. In the Catholic Church the 2nd of October is paid homage to the guardian angels. This Guardian Angel Festival gives a special way to connect these angels. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! Remember that you too can communicate with your angels and it has a positive effect on your life. The more you get in touch with them, the more they will help you. They always remain hidden, but are always there when you call them. You can talk to them, ask them for advice, help and healing. Ask for clarity in …

Flower of life

Power of the Flower of Life symbol

Flower of life – origins This is a sign of harmony and protection and an energy symbol made up of 19 interlocking circles. Flower of Life is around 5000 years old and can be found in the Temple of Abydos, more precisely on the pillars of the temple complex of the Osireion, in Middle Egypt. Up to these day it exercises a magic and fascination for man. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a psychic reading! Flower of Life promises healing and the ability to get rid of fears; to get in touch with the higher self, and to go become more self-confident until you reach enlightenment. It is a sign of infinity. For many people, it helps as a supportive force in everyday life, releases all blockages and brings us back to our original energy. Flower of life – everyday use There are many ways to use this symbol. Put the flower of life symbol under a glass of water, so the water will be energized with the wonderful vibration of …

negative thoughts

The power of your thoughts

Negative thoughts – you block yourself… Your thoughts are your life. Your thoughts, your subconscious and your destiny are very closely linked. With your negative thoughts you block yourself again and again. Do you always think of the failure of your projects? Are you always dissatisfied with your current life situation? Do you focus on being successful at work or are you thinking about the problems all the time? Do you find your relationships difficult? Well, you will experience these things exactly then. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! You block yourself, build fears again and again and draw the negative energies into your life. Your subconscious mind is the key to your soul, to your failure but also to your success. It is able to manifest good as well as bad. If your thoughts are negative, you will always experience failure, failure and anger. If you use this subconscious for good, you will achieve inner peace and success. It will now be your job to …