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Numerology overview

An overview of Numerology

Numerology overview – experience When we are born here, we are given a name and we are born exactly in one specific day, year and month. Your name has letters and letters are equal to numbers in numerology. The way that these numbers appear based on your name have a meaning. You will see that a numerology overview of these numbers can help a lot! The most important number that plays the biggest role in your life is your destiny number. To get your destiny number you have to add all the numbers in your date of birth. The other very important number is your Name number; which is the sum of numbers calculated from your name. Yes, I was like you… I never believed in astrology or numerology until I made my own life map and I was amazed by how accurate the details I was given were. A few numbers told so much about my past and my present. After that amazing experience I calculated the numbers of all people I knew and …