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Spiritual Healing

Did you know that each individual crystal has meanings and different properties? Or that there are plants which are the basic components of many of our medicines? Alternative types of Spiritual healing are becoming more and more popular nowadays. If you did not know where to start to get to know these ancient or newly discovered methods, you are just on the right site now. Open your mind and read our articles in the theme of spiritual healing to gain gain insight where to start healing yourself and who to contact with your further questions!

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Clearing past karma

Clearing Past Karma – Tips for you

Clearing past karma – the idea of karma The idea of “karma” is often misrepresented. Many people interpret it as “do good and good will happen” or “do bad and bad will happen.” However, this is an erroneous and simplistic interpretation of the karmic concept. And clearing past karma is an even more compound topic. Karma is an Indian concept that simply discusses the idea of cause and effect. It is the belief that all actions have consequences and reactions. So, in a way, the interpretation above is true. However, things aren’t all that easy. Even if you did do good, people can still do bad things to you. In fact, bad things can happen for no logical reason. Karma isn’t just limited to actions. It also applies to thoughts and words. So, the big question now is – how can we keep our karma good? Also, how do we get rid of past negative karma? Well, here are a few tips to help you out. These tips will help you clear out all your …


Yoga Mudras for Relaxing your Wrists and Hands

Mudras – cure imbalance We live in a culture where we type and text a lot, thanks to smart devices. But, there’s a small problem. The proliferation of technology has forced us to use certain parts of our body more than others. This causes an imbalance of sorts and harms those very organs we depend on. There is such a thing as excessive use, and our bodies cannot handle pressure beyond a point. Mudras can help. Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! In this blog, we’re here to talk about the fingers and wrists specifically. In this day and age, we are dependent on our fingers and wrists to get a lot of the work done. Whether it’s typing out a report or simply texting someone, our fingers/wrists probably get used more than any other limb/organ in the body. So, is there a way to avoid the stress and prevent any damage? Well, yes. There are certain yoga mudras you can practice to make sure your fingers and wrists …


How Spirituality Heals Depression

How Spirituality Heals Depression It doesn’t feel great when you’re sad. Now, imagine being diagnosed with depression. Depression is a sad day multiplied by a million with no certain end to it. This is exactly why many who are diagnosed with the psychological condition strive to and hopefully do everything indeed in order to find cure for their state of being. Of course, we have modern medicine to help us out. But how effective is modern medicine? Not very many confirms it is very effective in this case. The “cure” is often temporary and limited to the physical self. Depression is more than just a physical condition. There is a spiritual component that modern science might tend to ignore unfortunately. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading!  Studies have shown that depression, along with other psychological conditions, increase when there is a decline in religious or spiritual observance. On the other hand, people who are spiritual tend to be healthier on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. Depression is reportedly …

Sound Therapy

Clear Out Negative Energy with Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy – get rid of all negativity It is possible for some people, especially the ones who’re spiritually tuned in, to detect negative energy in a room. It’s possible for places and locations to retain the negative energy that may have come from traumatic events. This negative energy can end up affecting those who move into the new location or place. Now, the good news is, there are many ways to get rid of all that pent up, stagnant negative energy. Some use crystals, while others practice smudging. But there’s another method that works just as well – sound therapy. Yup, sound can help cleanse the negative energy inside any environment. You see, sound is nothing but vibration and depending on the kind of vibrations you produce, you can either produce positive energy or negative energy. Let’s look at some of the ways in which sound can be used to drown out negative energy and restore positive energy. Sound Therapy – Singing Bowl Singing bowls are highly effective at getting rid of stagnant negative energy. …


Strengthen your self-confidence!

How to Build Self-Confidence? We come across certain people in our lives that just ooze confidence. Seeing them can stir up feelings of admiration and also, envy. “How are they so confident?!”, we ask ourselves. Well, truth be told, self-confidence has very little to do with genetics. Nobody is born with it. Confidence is something that is learned and nurtured. Of course, one’s social environment may have a small role to play here, but it isn’t the be all and end all of confidence building. All it takes is a few basic steps and a sense of commitment. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! If you’re someone who feels a little lost in the confidence department, here are a few basic tips to help you out. Self-confidence – Visualize a Confident Version of Yourself They say you are what you think you are. What that means is you need to see yourself as the person you want to be. The first step to rebuilding your persona starts …

handle karma

How to handle karma?

How to Handle Karma? We all know Newton’s third law of motion, which says, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Think of karma as something similar to this law. It’s a cycle of actions and consequences and a clear cause-and-effect theory. The key is to handle karma like a mature soul. By actions, we not only imply to what we do; it also includes words and thoughts. Every word or every thought that we act upon has consequences, which can be both instant and delayed. This is the law of karma, which is also identified as the law of the universe. Everything we experience is an effect of preceding actions. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! Here are a few ways you can do so to handle karma better: Acknowledging karma It may be difficult initially for you to grasp the exact nature of karma. But identifying the areas of life where you feel stagnant is the first step that you need to take to break free from the cycle. …

Grounding meditation

Meditations for Emotional Grounding

Grounding meditation techniques Sometimes, when life gets chaotic, it can become hard to not let the emotions you are experiencing gain control and uproot your spirit from your body. Here are 3 types of grounding meditation for Emotional Grounding. Use these when you are stressed, fearful, anxious, depressed, jealous, angry, hurt or during any moment when your emotions have made you become ungrounded from your body. Grounding meditation – 1, Color Breathing The visual imagery used in this “Color Breathing Meditation” creates an opportunity to calm your energies and ground your mind, body and spirit. You can do this meditation with closed eyes, or with your eyes open, while walking and even while talking. This is what is so handy about this meditation, it can be done anywhere! Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! All you need to do to prepare for this meditation is to choose two colors. One color represents positive energy and the second color represents negative energy. As you breath out, see …

Digital water

Energetic Digital water – How to prepare it?

Digital water – maintain your energy Digital water is a holy water to cleanse the person from negative vibrations, defends against us from the devil eye energy and maintain our physical – psychological – spiritual integrity. It also works to replenish the spiritual and physical energy to keep us safe and secure. It also called digitalism because it is directly related to the energy of the universe and the force of the cosmic numbers that are attractive and present to our world and which have the overall effect on the course of the earth and planets movement and on all creatures. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic today! Each Zodiac Sign defines the ideal way to prepare this energy digital water related to them by numbers and time frames. Here it must be noted that the preparation of such water requires a lot of calm and psychological condition that allows us the ability to pray, meditate and focus. I don’t recommend that this procedure is performed as long as …

Akashic Chronicle

The Akashic Chronicle

The Akashic Chronicle – the memory of the universe It is also called “the book of life”. It is not a book to pick up but a knowledge plan of the past, present and future and the key to healing. All events, experiences and insights are recorded, documented and stored here. It is the memory of the universe. Everything that exists, every human, every flower possesses the Akasha energy. It is the vibratory field of love. The Akashic Chronicle is where everything is stored; what you experienced from your past and also from a previous life. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! It contains all the information you need to answer your questions about your topics. It helps to solve the blockages. Every feeling, every action and every thought is written down here. It’s like a cosmic hard drive that you can retrieve when needed. In it you will find your potential and your spiritual origin. The Akashic Chronicle – your Akashic Record It is also your birthright to read …

power of words

The amazing power of words

Power of words – What do you want to achieve? Hey Everyone, So lovely to be back with you all, sharing another lesson from my stock of practical spirituality. This goes back to the time I was new to Reiki… I was doing my full-time ‘regular’ job back then and anything esoteric was something I pursued out of interest in my spare time. Reiki healing was one of my initial interests. Prior to every Reiki class, our teacher or Sensei would have us all fill a form and in that form, we had to write about any past medical history, and fill in any mental, emotional or practical problems that bothered us such as chronic illnesses, depression, lack of confidence, or perhaps financial, career, or relationship blocks. This was so that we could learn how to heal from these issues as we progressed up the different levels of Reiki training. My favorite part of the form was at the very end… There was this question which said, “What do you want to achieve with Reiki?” Clarify …