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The positive effects of nature

Care of Mother Nature

Since the beginning of our existence, humans have been interacting continuously with nature. Like every other living creature on our planet, we evolved under the care of Mother Nature. People often forget that we are a part of nature, therefore the idea of spending time outside can make you feel better, and it is instinctive and intuitive. It only happened in the last several hundred years that technological and industrial advances separated us from our natural surroundings. Since 2009 there have been more of us living in urban than in rural areas for the first time in human history. 54% of the world’s population now lives in cities, essentially separated from nature by the trappings of city life. The development of urban areas has reduced natural environments globally. However, based on many researches humans still have positive reactions to nature and natural environment. One of the most famous studies in this field clearly showed that people who had been hospitalized before, managed to recover more quickly with a view of trees than with a view of a brick wall.

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People suffering from stress, sickness, or a trauma can spend quiet contemplative time in gardens or in the mountains or forests to experience some sort of healing. It is important to recognize that the benefits of mother nature can also be found in any sort of green space.

Mother nature

No doubt it is worth renewing your connection with nature and import being outside in your daily life but how to do that exactly?

Naturally, being out in mother nature will make you feel better than just looking at a picture, but even that small act will affect your brain to connect to past experiences you have had. By setting a picture of a natural environment as your desktop wallpaper you can immediately experience these positive effects.

Not everyone lives in a rural setting; however, if you live in an urban environment, you still can strive to increase your contact with mother nature. Take regular walks in a park, spend some time gardening, and make sure you keep plants in your home and office.

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Mother nature

It is recommended to try to take a walk in a natural environment on a regular basis. Because exercise is important for the health of your brain and body, you may combine being in nature with jogging, or walking your dog.

Studies have shown that decision-making and cognitive tasks are easier to execute if your mind is cleared of stress and distraction; and being outside or even watching scenes of nature reduces negative emotions like anger, fear, and stress, and increases feelings of pleasure.

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