How to handle your karmic relationships?

Karmic relationships

Karmic relationships – All is just karma?!

If we accept the spiritual doctrine that the string of rebirths an individual experiences is the result of its past deeds, every single experience of our lifetime has a karmic nature. Everything, starting from the way we perceive colors, from our likes and dislikes to our family and cultural background, or karmic relationships themselves are related to karma.

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However, karma is not a static something: different spiritual paths, awareness, and free will make a huge difference and give everyone the possibility to change things for better. This applies to our relationships too. As a matter of fact, all of our relationships are karmic, but not all of them are equally tight. Also, not all of the karmic relationships are meant to last. Sometimes even the short lived ones may have a strong impact on our destiny (for instance an unknown person coming to our rescue) and sometimes even the long term relationships can be neutral (like the ones with some distant relatives or neighbors).

Strong karmic bonds don’t only exist between lovers (child – parent relationships are among the strongest ones and quite often the relationships between siblings, friends, and co-workers can be more significant in this context than an emotionally intense romantic relationship).

Karmic relationships

Karmic relationships – a common mistake

When in a synastry (the comparison of two birth charts) there are aspects between the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) or Nodes Astrologers speak about karmic relationships. They can be joyful and beneficial or full of tension and frustration, or lasting or temporary depending on the nature of the aspects. Conjunctions generally indicate strong ties, flowing aspects like trines, sextiles smoothen up the interactions, while challenging ones like squares, oppositions, semi-squares and inconjuncts may indicate troublesome – even abusive – connections or obstacles to overcome.

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The most common mistake made by people interested in self–development is to regard their intense and difficult relationships as something they should work through. This is especially true in case of romantic relationships. Certainly there are many cases when you really need to hold on, make sacrifices and exercise patience to make improvements. However it is quite common that the karmic lesson you must learn from such interactions is to walk away as soon as possible. Or, even better, identify the pattern in time, before getting involved in such relationships. An Astro–Tarot reading will help you understand which attitude serves your best interest.

Karmic relationships

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