Have you met your Twin Soul?

Twin Soul

Twin Soul – your soul knows

So you think you may have met your Twin Flame, also called Twin Soul? If you have, then buckle up and get ready for a roller-coaster ride. Your first encounter with them may be amazing, a bit bumpy, and/or confusing, as each one is as individual as you are.

Why do you feel like this? It is because your soul knows your Twin Flame/Twin Soul is here and is coming to you. All of it can be a bit confusing depending on your upbringing and beliefs. While some people believe in God, some do not. By working with many backgrounds, I have found that most people believe in some sort of a higher energy that is out there and guiding us. Most people agree with there is a difference between Religion and Spirituality.

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When we start to learn and talk about Twin Flames/Twin Souls, and the journey, it’s no different. People have different thoughts, beliefs and opinions. So what does all of this truly have in common? How does it relate to the journey and reaching final reunion with your twin soul? Have you always had the feeling that you’ve been searching for “the one”? What does this all mean?

Twin Soul

Twin Soul – your one and only

Let’s take a look at what is a Twin Flame/Twin Soul. They are the other half of your soul, in reality a split soul. You have only one twin, hence the saying: “your one and only.” You will encounter many soul mates and these soul mates, prepare you for the ultimate relationship of reuniting with your twin soul and experiencing true unconditional love.  In the beginning, spiritual speaking, when your souls were created it was one soul. Then it split in half, one receiving the male energy and the other receiving the female energy. You eventually parted ways and began your separate journeys to acquire knowledge from all aspects of life, time and space. You and your twin soul were not always on earth at the same time nor did you share every past life. Your souls will reincarnate many times, and you experience being both male and female. Sometimes one twin was here on earth, while the other was being your guide.  It was not uncommon for you to have crossed paths with them in a prior life.

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Can you successfully reunite with your Twin Soul?

The answer is yes, if you are willing to do the work and be patient on the journey. During this last life time, the mission for twin flames/twin souls is reunion. But before that happens all of your karma has got to be cleared from all past lives, all time, all dimensions, past and present, and that allows spiritual growth, and that is when both twins reach soul maturity.

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