Moon wishes

Moon wishes

Moon wishes – different directions

A person’s life can take many different directions, some unexpected and exciting. People arrive on your life path, but can also leave. Disappointment, whether in love, or business is not an easy thing to cope with all of the time.

Many of us do not consult the stars to see what the Moon is up to, but you can use your knowledge, as you are also moved by its energy daily, just like the ocean and the tides. You can have a high tide, this is when everything feels great & even business seems to pour in. Then you can have a low emotional tide, when the stresses of life push you to border on ill and health.

If you think, that when the sea retracts things are shown, that were once covered. Suddenly you are made to deal with the unwanted, or forgotten. It does not have to be unpleasant, but clarification around love, or the past in general is good for the soul.

Moon wishes

Moon wishes – blessing

The Moon, when it is full is a great time to ask for things, so your wishes can be granted, but don’t forget to bless your ancestors, for all their hard work. Light some candles, burn some incense like amber for love, or Copal to unblock feelings of unachievement. White sage is great for clearing spaces of negative energy like overtired, or overworked, even illness.

Planet Earth belongs to all humans and species of various type, for thousands of years candles have been lit and blessing to the heavens, stars, Moon, and Gods are made and given. It is a human thing to feel blessed and rewards on this special planet can come for you.

If you are curious on how to conduct Moon wishes or need clarification come and see us at Oranum. There are many shamans and psychics to give you guidance and help unlock your future.

Moon wishes

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