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Featured Psychic Expert – Opheliajade

Hi there! My name is OpheliaJade. I have consistantly held a 5 star top psychic rating with Oranum. I am a highly intuitive empath and featured psychic expert. I have dedicated the last twenty-six years of my life to helping people achieve their highest potential through multiple forms of divination, spell work, and candle magic. I am an ordained High Priestess of Wiccan traditions, and I am a practicing witch. All of my workings are pure, light, and with good intent for all involved. I am a very caring person, and I do not pass judgement on any situation, ever. All of my readings are private, and I uphold to the highest standards of confidentiality.

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I have had a fascination with tarot, and other forms of divination since the tender age of thirteen. This fascination helped me realize that other aspects of my gifts started to form and grow. Being an empath, I am able to connect to your energy. As a result, I am able to help clear your energy of any negative forces that may be trying to impede on it. I am also here to help educate you about how you can prevent negativity in the first place. That is often when Tarot comes in the picture. I combine my skills and gifts to bring to you the clearest, most accurate guidance and information.

You might be wondering what tarot can do for you and what it is exactly. Tarot is one of many forms of divination and my favorite as well.Tarot can not only tell your future, but it can also help create your future! With its empowering and enlightening guidance, you can be made aware of all your choices at hand, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Featured psychic expert

Many ask me if I need to use tools in my readings. The answer to that is no, it is not necessary for me, as my guides can bring to me any answers we are looking for. The purpose of using tarot in readings is to help give you a visualization for better understanding of the guidance that is being brought to you. I have multiple different tarot decks. Feel free to come see me in my free chat room, and we can discuss the different decks, and you can even pick which one you would prefer that we work with!

Featured Psychic Expert – forms of divination

In addition to tarot, I practice with other forms of divination, such as rune stones, pendulum, all different styles of Oracle cards, scrying, tea leaf reading, and even past life readings! It is interesting to unlock our past lives to see how they affect us today! You will also see me working with a divination source called spikomancy. Spikomancy is a relatively new form of divination, and has never steered anyone in the wrong direction.

Divination is not my only practice. As you come into my free chat room on Oranum, you will find candles scattered about in my studio. I also offer candle spells and rituals, as long as it does not impede on anyone’s free will, or cause harm or negativity. These powerful rituals can help draw love into your life, make you more confident, offer energy clearing and more… I am always open to discuss candles in my free chat.

Featured psychic expert

My aim is that at the end of a reading, you will be more clear on many things which you can later apply to make good decisions about what you are doing in your life. I am not here to run your life for you, and make your decisions for you, but I will guide you to your best possible outcomes. A Tarot reading should leave you feel as though you have a much better grip on what is happening in your life, and why you currently feel the way you do. Hopefully this will allow you to make fast and effective progress in whatever areas of your life concern you most.

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Please note: yes, tarot can give time-frames (generally) and they can answer yes/no questions. But it is highly advisable that you formulate your questions to get the as much information as possible. Also, when you come to me for a tarot reading, it is important that you are focused on your questions and concerns. The more focused you are, the more clear your answers will become. Hope to see you soon in my free chat! Be blessed!

Featured Psychic Expert – Angelsoflove

My name is Angelsoflove and I believe everyone of us is on a journey and at times needs guidance. I love what I do: I provide Angel Readings, Tarot readings, Oracle readings and I also give readings not using any tools, only my natural psychic abilities. I provide Reiki healing as I’m a certified Reiki Master as well. I’m also a natural born Empath and can pick up on your energy. My goal is to help all my clients in all aspects of their life. I consider myself a great listener and want to provide you with straightforward answers that will guide you to the path to happiness.

Featured psychic expert

I specialize in Love, Career, and general questions. I never judge anyone, whatever their problems might be and I believe we can all live a happy life with the right guidance when questions arise. I tune into your energy and get right to the answers you need now. I grew up in a family of psychics and Mediums and ever since I can remember I knew my path was helping others. I appreciate my clients and I am very happy when they update me with wonderful news.

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All my readings are done with light and love. I want the absolute best for each of my clients. So I feel very honored when new clients come to me while I also immensely appreciate my returning clients. I receive my messages different ways: I see information, hear it, or at times I simply know. I’m in constant communication with my Spirit guides and Angels from whom I receive the information needed to guide clients to a happier path in life. I’ve done readings for people of all ages and walks of life. I love having this gift and sharing it to enrich other people’s lives.

Featured psychic expert

Featured Psychic Expert – Gregorikus:

My name is Gregorikus and I am a professional Tarot reader. For many years I have been working with the cards (10 years with clients, face to face), which help me reveal those invisible spheres for our eyes that have an important influence over people’s lives.

Featured psychic expert

Thanks to Tarot I am not only able to see the future, but more importantly, as a featured psychic expert, I can help others understand the root causes of their present situation, choices they can make and consequences that will follow. Tarot cards like no others can describe in great details the emotional, mental and spiritual impact that other people have on you.
I can offer a professional reading where members can ask about their future, relationships, work, money, health or anything else they desire. All I need during the reading is a name, date of birth and a question for the cards. At the end of each reading I am giving a unique message to summarize the prediction.

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Sometimes I support my work with a pendulum, especially when I am sending healing energy for those who really need it. I can check the state of the chakras and if they need to be energized my pendulum can work real miracles. On top of that I am practicing the art of magic, thanks to which I am able to improve lives with rituals and spells that come from my very special Book of Shadows.

Featured psychic expert

At least once a week I organize group session about magic, Tarot or visualization.
I am available on Free Chat for members who wish to get to know me better, need advice or wish to have an honest conversation about esoteric topics they are interested in, but do not fully understand as I am also a spiritual teacher. However, more importantly, I am always ready for a Private Chat, where I can provide members with my guidance and clarify their confusion.
Anyone can visit me in my magical room, where my crystal ball is always visible on my desk and leave a vote, in return I will highly appreciate it sending my positive vibes and blessings.

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