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Online Rituals – Fridalechat:

Date of my online rituals: April 28th and May 3rd.

Candle burning ritual:

online rituals

A candle burning ritual is helpful because it cleanses your personal aura and space from negative energies and psychic pollution. This ritual will improve focusing and mind sharpness, this will make you feel strong, confindent and more capable to deal with situations.

A candle burning ritual, in fact, is very simple, you can join with a white candle or you can look at me performing a candle burning in free chat; we will focus on the flame and follow some steps together.

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Online rituals

In free chat we will express a general intent of cleaning and balancing the energies that can easily fit with everybody in the free chat room and give immediate benefits to everyone present, regardless of their own personal and specific issues.

During a private session it is possible to customize the ritual according to personal member needs and to make the ritual more powerful by expressing and concentrating on an individual issue.

This ritual is good because it can be easily done by everyone who will join me during the free chat with no peculiar preparation and will still give immediate general benefits – regardless of the fact if the person in need of help hasn’t prepared with a detailed explanation of the circumstances.

Online Rituals – Gisela27:

Date of my online rituals: April 27th and May 4th.

online rituals

I am willing to perform love rituals to my members.

This ritual is for people whose relationship is no longer functioning, where the partner is emotionally unavailable, confirmation is missing, the partner has turned away, or negative energies has taken over and essentially the relationship have become toxic to the member who regardless of the bleak situation, has gathered the strength to actually look for help or support by contacting me.

With this ritual, we take away the negative energies, the blockages get dissolved and by this effort the partners get an actual chance to be reunited.

I work with precious stones, the pendulum and dried roses. The strength of the stones will help love come alive again and bring the partners together for a happy relationship.

Online rituals

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In my Intro I show you what tools I’m working with and during the Private chat we will complete the love ritual together.

Unless you feel an inherent need, it is not necessary to prepare for the session.

Online Rituals – Lizb65:

Date of my online rituals: April 30th and May 7th.

online rituals

Rituals are always beneficial to members. Rituals provide an atmosphere to release negative energies that may weigh a person down. When I perform my rituals in I start off with meditation, healing and cleansing. When a member decides to have a private chat with me so that I can focus on them only, I will perform online rituals depending on what I learnt from what they told me, and based on that, I will decide what is the most beneficial for the particular problem. I have been very successful for rituals that bring love, money, and remove negative energies. Rituals typically last from 15 minutes up to an hour if necessary.

A lot of members come to Oranum trying to enhance themselves spiritually, find guidance or in need of a solution to a problem. Being read is great because you find the source of the situation but rituals help give members the necessary amount of energy to fix the situation that is draining their energy away.

Rituals will improve the person’s energy levels, make them less anxious, clear their energy fields and give them an overall sense of peace to help them overcome the obstacles they are facing.

Online rituals

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I will be using my ancestors to guide us in our ritual. I will first call upon the spirits to join us. I will then ask the spirits to grant you what it is that you desire. You will hear a lot of traditional music, see people dancing and the camera would be focused on my altar. Before a person comes to a ritual it is important that they will bathe. What is given in free chat is a prayer, cleansing, healing and meditation to get you into the right frame of mind before we embark on a private session.

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