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Top Spiritual advisor

Top Spiritual Advisor – Celtic heritage

LoveDrNikki, is a Master Tarot Reader and Top Spiritual Advisor.  As a clairvoyant (she sees), clairsentient (she knows), clairaudient (she hears), medium, empath and intuitive her gifts derive from her mother’s Celtic heritage and her father’s Native American bloodline. Born with her gifts connected and unlocked, LoveDrNikki knew she was different by the age of three.  By the time she was five she was playing card guess parlor games for family and friends. At 13, she began her professional reading career as a psychic.  LoveDrNikki’s gifts were enhanced by the two near death experiences she had in her teens.

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LoveDrNikki holds Doctoral degrees in Divinity and Theology (emphasis in divinatory practices) from the University of Esoterica.  She has trained in a wide variety of divinatory practices including, but not limited to, tarot, crystals, runes, stones, oracle cards, western and eastern astrology, dream analysis, palmistry, and spiritual connections.  Her words say it best: “As one of Oranum’s featured psychics, it is a pleasure and an honor to provide readings that are based on a true connection with the client and their situation in their reading.”

An ordained Psychic, top Spiritual Advisor, Esoteric, Spiritual, and Interfaith Minister, LoveDrNikki is also a High Priestess and trained Shaman.  Welcoming all who stop in her Oranum free chat “Positivity Central,” LoveDrNikki engages with visitors in a folksy, down home manner, personally welcoming the members and engaging them in the free chat conversations.  Discussions in her free chat run from the basics of astrology to how to find positive energy in your own life.

Top spiritual advisor

To Spiritual Advisor – difficult problems?

She has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people in her career of over 46 years. And while all the names cannot be released due to non-disclosure agreements, a few of the celebrities you may know that she has read for are:  Neil Patrick Harris, Shay Mitchell, Mena Suvari, Hana Mae Lee, Salvador Sanchez, Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Taylor Alexander, Marisa Marchetto, Chord Overstreet, Tyler Blackburn, and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

The readings LoveDrNikki prefers to perform are the ones for the clients who are dealing with the difficult problems that everyday life is presenting to them.  Conducted in a conversational style, her readings often use the power of the Tarot to help you see the message Spirit has for you.  Her readings provide answers in a loving and straightforward manner meant to help you find your best result in your circumstances.  LoveDrNikki tells the truth of what she sees, feels, and hears with her gifts – no sugarcoating because “sugarcoating does not help.”

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Whether your questions are about

* love                                    *finances                                            *spiritual guidance

* career                                *self-actualization                            *positivity

*relationships                     *rituals                                               *family issues

*past lives                            * relocation or travel                       *finding lost items

LoveDrNikki provides readings delivered with love and compassion, viewing your situation with kindhearted honesty that can provide true clarity for you.

“I invite you to stop by my free chat, Positivity Central. You can find me in free chat most mornings. Come join in on the fun, games and conversations!”

top spiritual advisor

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