Rituals held in the next 2 weeks!

Whitestarr – online ritual

Dates of my online ritual: 19th and 26th of August

Online ritual

My online ritual will certainly help you with:

  1. Improving in life; you will feel better. You can clearly see which way to go and what to do; for people who are seeking to feel better.
  2. The ritual will show my specific hand techniques and movements to calm down my members and slow their breathing
  3. In private, I can cleanse their body and aura. Good reiki healing is never a long ritual. This is because it is better to do less multiple times.

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I do also Neuro-linguistic programming.

NLP can help with problems such as phobias, depression, trauma, bad experiences, fear, and self-respect. This method is very good in combination with Reiki. After Reiki, NLP can remove old bad memories or help you to easier accept what was left in the past and clearly move on because the past can be like a stone on your back. It is not good to eat before the ritual. Wait at least one hour. After the ritual you will need to calm down, so please do not eat, just drink lots of water.

Online ritual

About Reiki: it can be also like a distance massage. But the problem is nothing can be fixed on the first time or in the first few minutes.

I do also pendulum cleansings. Combinging all of this with NLP is very good.

Sandracsmith – online ritual

Dates of my online ritual: 16th and 28th

From what I have gathered listening to the questions in free chat, most people ask about love, how to attract more abundance, and how to get rid of unwanted situations. I have simple rituals for all three that, once explained, are easy for anyone to perform. I can send you a breakdown of what the rituals are, and you can determine what parts of them I can make free. I am thinking that August 16th should work for me. As for the second wave, I think August 28 could work as well.

Online ritual

It appears that most of the questions I receive in free chat are about love and money, so I would like to offer simple instructions on how to attract both.

This spell is done with one green candle for money, or two red candles for love. It can also be used with candles of different colors to attract things such as friendship or better communication.

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For money: This work will be executed starting on a Wednesday for three consecutive days. Write on the base of the candle the name of the person needing the blessing. The blessings are written from the end of the candle toward the name. Focus on what you want to attract, and visualize what you will do with the extra money once you receive it. Anoint the candle with honey from the top coming into the name, then sprinkle with cinnamon and ground ginger. This work needs to be repeated three times.

For Love: Use two red candles. Follow the same steps above and write the name of each person on each of the candles. Write your name across the name of the person you wish to attract. Coat both candles with honey and sprinkle with powder sugar. Let the candles burn, then wrap both remains of wax into a red cloth, tie with a red ribbon with seven knots, and bury near the person you wish to attract.

Online ritual

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