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Dreams and nightmares

dreams and nightmares

Dreams and nightmares – remember

We are fascinated by our own dreams and nightmares but most of the time we have no idea what they are. Many of us do not even remember what we dreamed overnight.

I can say, however, that we should pay more attention to what we dream, especially as we can improve our lives. Most of the time people ask themselves why I cannot remember what I dreamed? I can say if you wake up immediately after dreaming of more dreams then you may remember at least one of them. But if you move between two dreams, then you will certainly not remember anything.

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If you dream in the morning, chances to remember what you dreamed are greater than when you dream at midnight.

Dreams can help you solve life problems therefore I advise that you always have a pencil and a paper close to you and as soon as you wake up, write on the sheet everything you remember.

dreams and nightmares

Dreams and nightmares – reduce the stress

About nightmares I can say that daily stress is responsible for those ugly dreams. The more stressed you are in the waking state, the more likely you are at nightmares. And if awakening from a horrible nocturnal movie may seem like a moment’s relief of fear, actually solving this feeling through the mechanism of the dream fails and the tension will not be released properly.

A lot of people ask me if dreams could predict future?! Yes, sometimes dreams could predict future. Dreams build a special universe that enriches our lives. In their world, we find the beautiful experiences we have lived, ideas and solutions, including premonitions.

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If you had a hard day, it would be ideal to have a walk before bedtime to make you feel comfortable, or at least a relaxing bath, meant to remove your negative thoughts. Stress builds up on a subconscious level, so it’s good to work on reducing it through more enjoyable activities.

In the end, I can say that dreams are an important tool that helps us to learn, a key to creativity and even survival, a window to our secret self.

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dreams and nightmares

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