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Power of the Flower of Life symbol

Flower of life

Flower of life – origins

This is a sign of harmony and protection and an energy symbol made up of 19 interlocking circles. Flower of Life is around 5000 years old and can be found in the Temple of Abydos, more precisely on the pillars of the temple complex of the Osireion, in Middle Egypt. Up to these day it exercises a magic and fascination for man.

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Flower of Life promises healing and the ability to get rid of fears; to get in touch with the higher self, and to go become more self-confident until you reach enlightenment. It is a sign of infinity. For many people, it helps as a supportive force in everyday life, releases all blockages and brings us back to our original energy.

Flower of life

Flower of life – everyday use

There are many ways to use this symbol. Put the flower of life symbol under a glass of water, so the water will be energized with the wonderful vibration of the symbol; then drink it. This is very beneficial. You also can wear them as jewelry and if you do so you will soon feel the harmony it conveys. It solves stressful situations and makes everyday life easier. It strengthens your self-esteem.

If used in your living room or bedroom the symbol clears out all the negative radiation. Would you rather put it in your office? It will give you the stamina and concentration you need. The Flower of life symbol releases so much energy that it makes us aware who and what we are.

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The flower of life aids in the removal of blockages that hinder our energetic system and ensures the renewed unrestricted flow of our vital energy. Therefore the symbol is also very suitable for being used in meditation. During your meditation you will soon feel the strength and abundance.

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