Tarot – prediction and destiny

Tarot structure


The tarot  has very long history and originates from the Torah. The magic of the tarot has captivated devotees and their clients from the times of the Pharaos so it is as old as the Holy Christian Bible. Tarot structure has stood the test of time and maintained its appeal to a wide range of people because it can be read in so many different ways. It has such depth, wisdom, experience and common sense, that it can relate and apply to every single one of us.

This is because it is based on or is the basis of all of philosophy, religious doctrines, psychology, numerology, the entire wealth of human experience and the laws of God. We can study it throughout our entire life. Equally we can pick it up and click instantly.

Tarot structure


The MAJOR Arcana consists of all of our life role models.

MINOR arcana consists of hearts, wands, swords and pentacles.

HEARTS = issues of love,

WANDS = ideas,

SWORDS = challenges,

PENTACLES = finance

To be a successful tarot reader we need to be so dedicated as to study the Tarot with an insatiable curiosity, and a sense of what a wonderful world this is. I believe that we need to have an empathy with our clients, but also to be able to keep our own feelings in check. Avoid becoming tearful. We will see all manners of trials, tribulations and heartaches, as our clients open up and their feelings unravel and make them sometimes extremely emotional.

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FREE READINGS – many would-be clients claim that interpreting and foretelling the future is a God-given gift, and therefore I have no right to charge them. I say if they are butchers, and offer me free meat, then I will give them a free reading. Exchange is no robbery. When I am at  a psychic fair, I have to pay my fee for the table, chair and all other expenses, so it is a business, just like any other.

Tarot structure


RELIGIOUS CONDEMNATION of Tarot is a frequent challenge from all the religious fanatics who want to accuse us of devil worship. A lot depends on the heart and the good or bad intentions of the individual reader.

Also how good, deep, relevant and applicable is the tarot reading to you? Is it of any good value?

MAGIC & MYSTERY is what people expect and want, so take your time.

We are only messengers of truth and loving guidence. Each image indicates aspects or incidents in the life of the person. They all need to be linked together as a continuous story. Some of them can be quite dramatic.

DESTINY, can it be predicted? The answer is yes, definitely, because we are creatures of habits.  Can it be altered? The answer again is yes because our destiny is created by the choices we make.

Tarot is an excellent way to know how life can be improved and how much talent we have to make it happen.

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My main mission is to solve the problems of my clients. I mostly like to use crystal ball in my readings. Because i feel crystal ball reading is perfect and accurate.


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