Secrets of The Tower Tarot Card

Tower card

Tower Card – dramatic imagery

The tower is surrounded by doom-laden clouds, lightening bolts dart dangerously towards this once proud structure. Flames suddenly leap from the crumbling building, as two shocked figures tumble to the ground and lie upon the rubble surveying the destruction. This major arcana card may be sometimes drawn with a sharp intake of breath as its dramatic imagery is a warning of upheaval and chaos. Yet it also cries: wake up, a change is ahead, the truth will be exposed and falseness torn down to the ground! Expect the unexpected with the tower card. We often do not like sudden changes but the tower shows it is coming whether you like it or not.

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So the tower seems kind of scary and negative but what are the positive messages that can be revealed? I have seen this card in relationship readings where regular fights or stormy endings took place. Answers and sudden realizations tear illusions down like shocking bolts of lightning. The cracks were showing a long time ago before this internalized energy was released and no more pretense or secrets were left to hide. The dream is broken yet what is left?

Tower Card

Reality kicks in and you realize it’s time to move on. In a career or finance reading the tower can reveal a bad turn of fortune, or a crashing ending… but when the dust settles, what else is left to lose? You have nothing more to hide, it is time to change your direction and find your true path. When there is nothing more to lose, then you are bound to gain.

The tower card shows trouble, change and crisis. It may be a painful experience to go through, but who wants to live a lie? The ego may endure a few bruises, and all you lost can be regained.

Tower Card

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