A Day of Great Intensity: the 18th of January, 2019

Celestial effects

Three planetary aspects perfecting on the 18th of January will make it a very intense day. The complicated combination of these very different celestial effects can manifest in either way. Your level of awareness, the choices made by free will will make the difference between the best – and worst case scenarios.

Celestial effects – The Sun – Uranus square perfects on the 28°39′ of Capricorn – Aries.

This is a volatile transit of an abrupt and rebellious nature and it lasts for 4 – 5 days. At it’s best it feels like a wake – up call, prompting you to think outside of the box, to be yourself instead of getting stuck in compromises/ situations/ relationships hindering the expression of your individuality. A completely different approach of old problems can bring amazing breakthroughs. Brilliant ideas and originality will help you to break free from old forms of self- expression.

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However, don’t forget that this is a wild and impulsive form of energy. It can indicate a buildup of nervous tensions and restlessness. It can make you to revolt and stir up trouble just for the sake of doing something different. (Depending on the houses of your natal chart connected by the square you can experience this from others, too.) You have to stay flexible and open minded to the sudden changes, but avoid the extremes, Bear in mind: later you’ll have to clean up the mess you create.

Celestial effects – The trine between Venus and Mars perfects on the same day on the 11°53 ‘ of Sagittarius and Aries.

This floating aspect fills the atmosphere with amour and passion. Traditionally it is associated with romance and flirtation. Your actions harmonize with what you want and you can attract what you desire. This transit makes easier to balance assertivity with receptivity. It is also favorable for artistical self–expression.

celestial effects

From one hand the mild and diplomatic Venusian influence can soften up the volatile atmosphere of the Sun – Uranus square. You will be able to assert yourself in a tactful and diplomatic way, taking in consideration other people’s needs. You can benefit from this transit for 4 – 5 days. However it can play out in the opposite way: the sensual, flirtatious nature of the Mars – Venus trine combined with the restlessness and the need to break free from restrictions of the Sun – Uranus square may involve you in love affairs you may regret later. Love triangles can lead to relationship dramas and sudden breakups.

Venus is also associated with money, so your actions (Mars) can attract possessions, However, the combinations mentioned above may prone you to take irresponsible financial risks. Beware of over – spending!

Celestial effects – Mercury meets Pluto

To make things more complicated Mercury meets Pluto on the same day on 21°11′ of Capricorn. This intense aspect is on effect for 2 – 3 days and it can  play out in either ways. From one hand it makes you very sensitive. You can combine successfully your intuition and your intellect. It enables you to understand the deeper motives and dynamics of your and other people’s behavior. However, paranoid thought patterns, jealousy, obsessive – compulsive attitude, power struggles are the downsides of this aspect: avoid extremes!

celestial effects

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