Mercury Turns Direct Stationary

Mercury turns direct

Mercury turns direct – no more confusion

Mercury turns direct stationary on the 6th of December, at the 27°of Scorpio. This is really good news, as it marks the end of the retrograde cycles of this year, characterized by delays, confusion, lack of details, etc.

It is significant that the retrograde cycles of 2018 were opened by Mercury ( the 6th of Marc – 3rd of May ) then in Aries, a sign ruled by Mars, and they are also closed by Mercury, transiting an other sign ruled by Mars. However, there is a significant energy shift. While Aries is extroverted, enthusiastic, self-assertive, fast, hot-headed and spontaneous, full of spirit of initiative, ready to jump to instant conclusions, Scorpio is a maturer manifestation of Martian energy. It is slower, more cautious, more investigative, more tactful. While Aries is a sprinter, Scorpio is a long distance runner.

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Mercury is the planet of thinking processes, communication, travels, learning. In Aries it didn’t hesitate too much. It was prone to make quick decisions, was eager to start new plans (fueled by its’ visions) and paid less attention to the details. As we experienced during the spring, this impetus was seriously tested by the challenging aspects of Saturn.

The slowdowns and the reality checks continued throughout the summer (marked by the retrogrades of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Mercury through Leo) and autumn (Venus, Mercury in Sagittarius). They made clear that we cannot go further until the previous tasks are not completed. Fine tuning and elaboration of details were also necessary.

Mercury turns direct

Mercury turns direct – realms of the unconscious

Scorpio is an investigative sign, ready to dig deep, in the realms of the unconscious. It is willing to face the less pleasant themes of life, as secrets, taboos, the darker parts of personality. It is associated with crisis and regeneration, instincts, survival, sexuality, shared resources, the cycles of birth and death. We had a lot of Scorpio energy this year, which indicated that before we can make the jump to the sunny side of life, represented by the planets in Sagittarius ( let’s not forget that Jupiter, the ruler of the sign is there), we had to do the necessary shadow work.

After a brief visit in the happy go lucky sign of Sagittarius, Mercury re -entered Scorpio on the 1st of December. Some deep research was still needed before we could go further. By now we gained insights which were not available before. Life will regain gradually it’s normal pace, but some caution and a healthy dose of criticism and common sense is needed. Mercury in Scorpio provides us with powerful tools of reality check, when the other planets ( Sun, Jupiter) in Sagittarius and Pisces (Mars, Neptune) make things seem too good to be true. This grounding will enable us to achieve tangible results while following our dreams and visions.

Mercury turns direct

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