Neptune Saturn Sextile: Spirituality and Practice

Neptune Saturn Sextile

Neptune Saturn sextile perfects for the first time on the 31th of January on the 14°54′ of Capricorn and Pisces. This is a beneficial aspect, combining the spiritual world, dreams, fantasies with common sense and substantial efforts to achieve tangible results. Since many things look too good to be true in 2019, this grounding transit is a real blessing.

Saturn rules the physical world of manifestation. It’s concrete and defined. It is associated with healthy boundaries, tangible results, discipline, limits and ending. This earthy planet is at home in Capricorn, which is the natural ruler of the 10th house, associated with career, vocation, priorities, business and banking.

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Neptune rules the collective unconscious. It is associated with the unknown, the dreams, spirituality, higher states of consciousness but also illusion, addictions, self-destructive habits. It’s ethereal, sensitive, nebulous. Neptune is a watery planet, and it rules Pisces, and the 12th house of spirituality, dreams, fantasies, sacrifice, reclusion, self-undoing.

The two planets don’t get along very well with each other. Saturn is regarded the lord of Karma, the Taskmaster, the stern teacher, the cosmic police inspector while Neptune is the daydreamer, the hippie, the escapist, the loose guy of the Cosmos. At first glance the energy of the two planets seem to be mutually exclusive. However, they are complementary principles and the current Neptune Saturn sextile makes easier their cooperation.

Neptune Saturn Sextile

Neptune Saturn Sextile – wonderful results

It is also important to emphasize that sextiles, these planetary aspects of 60° can be helpful only if you make conscious efforts to take advantage of their energy. They favor growth, regeneration, expansion on the areas of the birth chart influenced by them.

The sextile perfects for the second time on the 18th of June (Capricorn – Pisces 18°43′) and for the third time on the 8th of November ( Capricorn – Pisces 16°01), so it will be on effect almost during the whole year. Due to this beneficial aspect Saturn provides the structure and realism to the dreams of Neptune. Wonderful results can come out from this blending.

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If you are willing to work hard, during 2019 you’ll have the possibility to manifest your most cherished dreams. You will be able to balance your inner, spiritual world with the practical reality. You can benefit mostly from spiritual practices involving the physical body as Yoga, Martial Arts, Thai Chi. Mindfulness meditation. working with your dreams can bring substantial improvements in the physical world, too.

Certainly, the way one can benefit from this aspect differs from person to person. The areas of life influenced by it depend on the houses of your natal chart connected by the two planets. An insightful reading will help you to make the most of it, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Neptune Saturn sextile

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