Sun – Venus Conjunction 2018 October

Sun Venus conjunction

Sun Venus conjunction – tasks

The Sun Venus conjunction perfects on the 26th of October, at Scorpio 3°06′. Sun is the principle of consciousness, vitality, creativity and – besides Saturn – one of the indicators of our main tasks. Any conjunction between the Sun and other planets will highlight the tasks related to that particular cosmic principle. Consequently the current Sun – Venus meeting will put in focus the themes related to the retrograde journey of Venus through Scorpio.

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The conjunction between the two celestial bodies perfects on 10: 05 am (New York), 3:05 pm London. Five hours before and after it Venus will be „Cazimi”. This is a term to describe a planet in „the heart of the Sun”. According to the ancient Astrologers, it is a very beneficial position, manifesting the best qualities of the planet involved. Under Cazimi a true alignment can be established between the inner self and the principle of the planet. (Some key words for Venus: beauty, love, the way we relate to others, self-esteem, security, our taste, our style, our emotional and security needs, finances, business, investments).

However, as the conjunction loosens up, the rays of the Sun will „combust” Venus – so its energy is weakened. In other words the solar principle burns away the principle of the planet. (The „combusta” effect lasts cca until the 30th of October.) In this particular case this is not a bad impact either, as the Sun is related to mindfulness, reasoning, ability to distinguish, judging faculty. All these traits can be very helpful now, as Venus in Scorpio can be associated with very intense emotions, instinctive reflex responses. They can be a great asset, but under certain circumstances can make one very vulnerable.

Sun Venus conjunction

Sun Venus conjunction – change directions

As discussed in details in the previous article about the retrograde journey of Venus through Scorpio, this period of 40 days is about „rebooting”, re-assessing, revisiting, readjusting, finishing the unfinished business. In case of Venus topics related to heart matters, financials, security are scrutinized. It is very likely that some frustrations (mainly in our relationships and finances) acted as catalysts to realize: it’s time to change directions. Although not very pleasant, it is necessary to deal with the issues emerged during these six weeks, as fresh starts and improvements are possible only after we completed successfully the task.

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The current Sun – Venus conjunction will help us to do the work. It creates ideal circumstances to examine critically the outgrown emotional patterns and attitudes. We understand now better the big picture, the dynamics within. Thus more effective strategies can be developed to make the necessary changes. Such shifts doesn’t occur easily, but we can rely on the stabilizing influence of the Venus- Saturn sextile, perfected on the 24th of October still in effect. While the Sun gives the awareness, creative approach, positive mental attitude, the cosmic Taskmaster will give the persistence, thoroughness, patience necessary for such projects.

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