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You have to know that the chance is there for everyone to find their soulmate but you have to be ready and blessed enough to be able to recognize and grab it when the time is right to do it. With help of these articles and posts you will be able to increase your chances and more probably find the True Love of your Life!

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Twin Flame

How Long Should You Wait For Your Twin Flame?

Twin flame – that special person… As someone living a life of single-hood, you would want to know when does the forlorn wait for your soul mate or twin flame end. In reality, there’s no answer to this question because nobody can tell for sure. Some people even wait a lifetime to come across their twin flame, that special person. If you believe the truth can come to closer and faster to you than you’d ever thought, contact a psychic right now! There’s one thing you should be clear about: twin flames were once part of the same master soul; they only split at some point and went in different ways. Both souls spend time apart and gain experience over the course of many reincarnations. It’s not necessary that you meet your twin flame or soul mate in one specific lifetime. So when do these souls meet? Well, there’s no set time. The cosmic game of the universe is difficult to grasp; it’s always conjuring up experiences that take you in a particular direction, sometimes …

Moon wishes

Moon wishes

Moon wishes – different directions A person’s life can take many different directions, some unexpected and exciting. People arrive on your life path, but can also leave. Disappointment, whether in love, or business is not an easy thing to cope with all of the time. Many of us do not consult the stars to see what the Moon is up to, but you can use your knowledge, as you are also moved by its energy daily, just like the ocean and the tides. You can have a high tide, this is when everything feels great & even business seems to pour in. Then you can have a low emotional tide, when the stresses of life push you to border on ill and health. If you think, that when the sea retracts things are shown, that were once covered. Suddenly you are made to deal with the unwanted, or forgotten. It does not have to be unpleasant, but clarification around love, or the past in general is good for the soul. Moon wishes – blessing The …

Karmic relationship

Karmic relationships

Karmic relationship – needs to be cleared Karmic relationship is a romantic association that exist between two souls to purge, heal or reconcile experiences from the previous life. Most people don’t desire such relationships but are bound to be a part of them until the karma is cleared. Intense pain, jealousy, obsessiveness, excessive domination, substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse, one-sidedness, and selfishness are common signs that you are in a karmic relationship. Love is the greatest gift. Are you with the right one or should you keep looking?  Karmic relationship – solution The good news is that you can bring an end to this loop. Here are a few ways you can do so: Identify and accept your karmic patterns. What negative aspects are you continuously experiencing in your relationships? Once you identify them, acknowledge and accept them as they are. Understand that it’s a part of a big cosmic game that’s conjuring a lesson for you. Detach yourself from the relationship. You should observe your feelings consciously and take a closer look at …

signs of abuse

Love or abuse?

Signs of abuse – Love or abuse? Love is kind, Love is pure, Love is simple. Love means putting others before yourself, making sure that the person you love is taken care of emotionally. It means surrendering to your past and moving toward for your partner. It is a glowing, healing light that surrounds your body. It is positive, it is clear and it is healthy. It is growth, it is empowering your partner to reach their goals and to go after their dreams. Now often love can also turn into abuse without us realizing it. However the signs of abuse can be recognized on time. Let’s get to know the signs of abuse: Justifying everything with “I love you so much, I will change for you. Most of the time this is just a tactic to get you to stay with the abuser and without help they will continue their abusive patterns. Saying “if you love me you’ll do it” this is forcing you to do something in a manipulative way. “Finding excuses to …

Harmonious relationships

Less struggle and more peace and joy in your relationships

Harmonious relationships – personal experience Being who I am, there won’t be any intro to what I am about to write and share with you all…… I’ll be direct and jump straight into the topic.  Let’s begin…….. The inspiration to share this with the rest of the world comes from a true incident that happened to me just a few days ago, involving a close friend of mine.  Now this friend and I met outside for some coffee…. and during our conversation, we began to have a difference of opinion.  Such things happen, right?  More often than we’d like?  With our partners, parents, best friends, etc.?  No matter how much we dislike getting into such frustrating stonewalling situations, we do manage somehow to get into them! So much more and so often with the people we love, value, and truly care about.  And that is how most harmonious relationships break down or lose the joy and warmth over time, isn’t it? Get a trial for a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! And …

Twin flames

Soulmates and Twin flames

Twin flames & soulmates – lessons to learn People often ask ‘Will I ever find my soulmate?’. Upon the Earthly plan as we continue our soul’s progress of learning and seeking perfection, of searching for meaning and an ascension to a higher consciousness we can encounter many soulmates. These kindred spirits come into our lives, and can take the form of a friend, a lover, a spouse. They can be fleeting or long term, romantic or platonic. When lessons have been learned, and that phase of the soul’s development complete, that special bond can also end. Yet ahead there is still potential to meet other soulmates upon our path through life. Twin flames are another story, you will see it shortly. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! To meet a soulmate can feel uncannily familiar, as if you have known each other before in a past life, that this meeting is destined or predestined. A soulmate can understand you like no other. Your memory of them can …



Self-esteem – a game-changing recognition… Many people have already told you that you must have more “amour-propre”, in fact, the lack of self-esteem so many times is the cause of failures (just like the opposite: excess). It can be the cause of many renounces and mistakes, and you can’t imagine how many times it has happened to me in the past as well. It all changed after I started to understand what it exactly means to increase self-worth, self-trust and self-confidence. If you trust God you trust yourself and vice-versa. This was a game-changing recognition for me. What does it really mean to you to respect someone? Do you love that person or rather appreciate what they do? You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! Note that it is quite hard to truly respect someone without the feeling of love. This also means that in the process of building up your self-confidence and self-esteem it’s essential to start loving yourself. You esteem someone when you think that person is competent in something. You esteem …


Why are we searching for our soulmate?

Soulmate – to love and to be loved We all want to be happy. And for many of us happiness is to love and to be loved. We desire to find your soulmate and be happy together. But why are we so dependent on this? Why do we need a love partner? Why do we suffer when we are alone? The reason is in energy exchange between people. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading!  Everyone has an invisible energy capsule around him/her. In the process of life our body, thoughts, lifestyle and mood fill this capsule with energy. Throughout our lives there is an accumulation of both positive and negative energies around us. This energy capsule affects our life and emotional condition. To improve our health, mood and overall background we need to exchange our energy with others. It is necessary for human to give away the energy that has been accumulated and to receive in return the energy that is missing in his capsule. When two people …

Respect in relationships

Tolerance and respect in relationships

Respect in relationships – 100% you are right? Humans are very good at making the most out of difficult situations, it is why we do so well. Even when it comes to love and respect in relationships, we can strive and push forward to improve. Sometimes, two what would seem perfect people grow distant and disagree over something trivial, which can then lead to argument. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic! Proving a point, when you have the bit between your teeth and you think 100% you are in the right, can be so damaging. The person, who eventually submits under your pressure may not recover and decide to leave. It does not matter, if you are male, or female, as giving a little slack can help your relationship survive longer. When there is a lot of good between two people, meaning physically and mentally, disagreements can cause mountains to grow. Over time, it will seems like too much effort, to find energy & emotional exhaustion can follow. Emotional exhaustion …

Spell casting

Spell casting technique for you

Spell Casting – imagine For the purpose of this simple exercise in creative visualization, think of something you would like. This might be an object you would like to own but can not afford, it may be a situation you would like to experience, or it may be some aspect of your life you would like to improve. To perform this simple spell casting that will help you to reach your goals, you just need to do the following: You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic for now! Make yourself comfortable and proceed to imagine exactly how you will feel when whatever it is you are wishing for has become manifest. Visualize yourself wearing those gorgeous shoes. Imagine how you will feel sitting in that air-conditioned office. Ponder the fun you will be having when you are off on your dream holiday. It doesn’t really matter what it is that you may want, just get it crystal clear in your mind and breathe. As you breathe in and out slowly, count backwards from ten …