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Candle Burning and Harmonic Numbers

harmonic numbers

Harmonic numbers – increase the energy

Numbers have meaning – and more than just counting money. The knowledge and insight carried in numbers goes back to the mystery schools of the ancients. Harmonic Numbers shows you what energy is favorable for you and certain activities on any given day. These Harmonic Numbers are associated with specific candle colors and can help you increase the energy of your candle ritual experience.

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To compute your personal harmonic numbers, complete the following steps:

  • Take the number of your month of birth (May = 5)
  • Add the day of birth (22)
  • The number of the present calendar month (November = 11)
  • The present calendar day (23)
  • Add the present year (2018)

Brings you the equation:  5 + 22 + 11 + 23 + 2018 = 2079

  • And, as usual with numerology, continue adding individual numbers until you get to a single digit:

2 + 0 + 7 + 9 = 9

This gives you the personal harmonic number of a person born on May 22nd for the day November 23, 2018.

harmonic numbers

Harmonic numbers – Check yours for today

The list below gives you a candle’s harmonic number identifier and the basic candle color keywords:

1 = Red – health, vitality and passion

2 = Silver – victory of light over darkness

3 = Yellow – magnetic, drawing and attracting

4 = Green – money, wealth, and prosperity

5 = Orange – Stimulating, encouraging and mental

6 = Light Blue – peace, calm, and understanding, intellect

7 = Purple – power, overcomes obstacles

8 = Brown – earth, stability, and balance

9 = Gold – wealth, financial success, trade, writing, contracts

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Now, putting it all together:  The harmonic number in our example is 9.  The number 9 is in tune with the Gold candle. Gold relates to wealth, financial success, trade, and contracts.  If a person with a harmonic number of 9 burns a gold candle on November 23, 2018, they will be enhancing the power of their ritual and that aspect of life for that day.

By computing your harmonic number for any given day, you give yourself the opportunity to get an extra boost from Spirit by being able to align your day with the harmonic energy that exists.

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harmonic numbers

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