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Psychic Rituals – Lagira:

psychic rituals

Appointments of performing my psychic rituals: April 19 and April 24.

I will concentrate on rituals about financial flourishing (career) and maybe love as well. Rituals will help clients create a strong stream of energy and their aims will be drawn to them in a natural way. Rituals help not only reach a goal but they help you heal yourself as well. They help clients become stronger mentally and emotionally. Many people feel lost and can’t effectuate positive events in their lives and that’s why they need professional help, someone who will show them the way to their dreams.

psychic rituals

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Psychic Rituals – Marcellomedium:

psychic rituals

I am available for these rituals April 18 and April 24.

All the spell I cast are personalized and can work in any specific area of the life, such as love, family, money and career.

I work with Candles specifically handcrafted by me and charged with my energy in order to send all my clients positive vibes and the right energy to obtain success.

During the public ritual I use also my rare herbs and incense  that protect us from the negativity and let us be concentrated into the work that we are doing.

psychic rituals

The public ritual helps us obtain a special harmony with the universe in order that we stick to positivity and use it as our precious source! Then later, during the private we can focus on specific things and complete the second and last part of the Ritual to obtain the best result.

I have a lot of tools to organize a great ritual in free chat, so I’m sure that we will achieve success!

Psychic Rituals – Morrdor:

psychic rituals

I chose two days before the New Moon, April 25-26, leading towards the New Moon.

The energy at this time is the darkest and is pulled towards the moon in a literal sense, but energywise, it is when ghosts and demons possess most powers. So I recommend no house buying or major decisions around the New Moon. To honor your God a few days before the New Moon and a few days after is a great idea. Spiritual remedies and spiritual practise provide protection from Gods of any religion. Here I use Morrigan chooser of the slain, but you can honor your own God. The negative energies are strongest around the New Moon. So are increasingly negative thoughts of suicide, violence, and anger around this time, even two days before and two days after. The New Moon affects the mind more than a full Moon. Ghost activity on a mental and a physical level can be three times stronger around this specific period of time. So thoughts of greed and anger can surface more easily, and those who suffer from an addiction can be pushed to take drugs or drink more around this time. People who have passed away will have more control over the living around this time, but with a gentle chanting, pure rain water and a candle lit to honor those that have passed will ease stress and provide more subtle positive vibrations around your home. This is an especially kind gesture for ghosts or spirits who have suffered and need solace and humans who are subject to the power of the New Moon at this time.

psychic rituals

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You will need one white candle and a small amount of uncleaned rain water, one small dish wood or metal, but not plastic to perform this ritual.

Water & Candle Ritual

This is a Morrigan chooser of the slain. Wiccanish in structure and honors land spirits’ ancestors andd also offers a path to the light.

It is also a means of honoring those who have had to go through foul or very tragic experiences and experience this as being fallen.

You have experienced being fallen in a foul way; the feeling is as unfair as what has been done to you.

  1. Pour the uncleansed rain water in your metal or wooden dish. Be aware of the fact that this water arrived naturally and has not entered any circle, but landed on the ground. It is therefore full of natural elements, but still considered polluted and unclean.

The darkness from the deed that was done to you and you had to endure, but don’t dwell on your fears.

  1. Light your candle and place it by the water. The candle should be white, it represents purity, so the flame that melts the candle into wax does not yield to foulness.

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Beyond this land of soil, where air and body bears no significance, but to yearn to return only to this land of flesh and body. A choice to this land has come. This path was given as your choice to return, no matter at what price, you need to know you paid your dues to all things vast above and below.

You can flee from pain and not look back. Circle above it like a bird, with an air angel guide at your side, until the scenery changes the agony lessens, until you finally greet whomever you have been chosen to assist.

psychic rituals

Many important lessons to be learned cannot be measured by time. I offer assistance to return without human form and limitations, and would be delighted if you took this offer. Soon freedom through time and life lessons will heal your wounds, but not your plight. Let go of your grievances, you won’t find freedom in punishing yourself or the one who inflicted any harm on you. But bear in mind that pain will subside so let go of past lives and their darkness, and return to the light. So don’t hesitate; return to the light and the circle will soon be complete.

(Let your candle burn down halfway and then repeat these words again.) At the end of the second chant add these words. Don’t put out this flame not, as this will guide you on your path to the light.

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psychic rituals

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