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Top Weekly Psychic – How can I help you?

Some people believe you already agreed to come to Planet Earth and you were warned beforehand, that sometimes things happen, which are not nice, but you still chose to come. To love all manner of things, not just people, is your choice. As a top weekly psychic I believe and experience that people in general, at some point, may need assistance with the finer emotions.

My connections, which are diverse and many, make helping others a natural step for me. Firstly, as child, the urge to guide and help the dead, was stronger than the fear & pain that sometimes accompanied their arrival.  It is not just the living who seek assistance. Initially, for me training started with the departed suddenly arriving in my life, always unannounced and sometimes frantic.

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It never crossed my mind to speak of these very unusual happenings. I suppose, as a child, I understood exactly, but did not feel comfortable or happy with the fear the dead brought with them. The deceased do not sound dead and if visible, they do not look dead either.

Top Weekly Psychic – hearing the answers

This area is like a kaleidoscope, it has no set rules, but many shapes and many forms. I am an adult now and every meeting has had great bearing upon my life. When I look down my life, it is like a very full and informative road, which can at the drop of a hat be used to help other people. This is an area called Medium, it can be frightening and exhilarating at the same time. I am asked, “Can I contact, or speak to the dead?” I would say, “Anyone can communicate their feelings, it is just whether or not you can hear the answers.”

The Clairvoyant side of my gift is very intense, and can be overpowering, especially when reading, what some call Auras. Some rare dark aggressive energy can easily make me angry or frightened, I am not a computer! But in a positive light, messages of true worth can be given daily.  Why do I use Divination?

Top weekly psychic

Divination can help funnel a large and powerful gift, it helps to pinpoint areas that need work, in any one person’s life, and makes space for messages to be received. The power does need to flow, but it also needs an intellectual source to disperse it correctly.  Being a Seer too, I can hold the fragmented pieces together, while I look over what a person is feeling, to the other side. I will see what is going to arrive on their path and if they are emotionally equipped to cope with the information.

If there is more than one person involved, I need to know, what the other person’s intentions are towards my client. Knowledge is a great responsibility and how you use it must never be personal. Setting aside my own emotions, but keeping integrity is important.

Some clients need to look into their partner, or ex-partner’s life for clarification, as to just what happened in that period of time. Clarification for a past relationship can really help with the future. Breaking down my gift is hard work, as their are so many complexities that need explaining, and explaining it to another person is even harder.

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Balancing power and holding back sometimes distraught upset energy is a gift in itself. When there are multiple decision makers on one outcome, this can get me quizzing. Information taken from one person is easier, but when there are four or five, I have to look at each energy, which is not an instant process. Imagine a room full of people, there is no instant answer. The only way is to ask individually each person in turn, for their opinion, if the opinions differ, what do I do? I will be honest, I ponder and go with the majority, so as not to paint a false outcome. Looking into the future seems daunting, if it is not something you are accustomed doing. The question, “Do you believe in ghosts?” Those of you that have not seen a ghost will normally answer no, but this can quickly change to. “No, not until I actually saw one myself.” It is the same with having a reading. Looking into people and down their life path for answers, will not always give you what you want. It will give you knowledge and with that knowledge you must decide, what is best for you.

Top weekly psychic

Top Weekly Psychic – light in your soul

Some choices are hard, when a person is firmly set on a course of action and can not yet see, just what will be in their future. A person can arrive almost collapsing under the weight of their own emotional pain. This trauma can happen in business and career too, not just love. This is where I step in, as I will look and take some information, if only to breathe a little light into their soul and maybe ease their stress.

Opening a person is a gift, so how is it done? Imagine that the whole Universe and all the people make up a Trillion films. Each film, in it’s own right is an epic, whether full of tragedy or splendour. Each person watches their own film in a sense. All are told how others will hurt or help on their life path. So where, or how do I fit in?

The unconscious is like an empty stage, if you  train, an area of stillness can be achieved. Sometimes, actors from a chosen film can, if invited, walk in and perform, or their guides assist, connection born. A part of the psychic is detached and can move from one place to another, time or speed are not constraints. What triggers this gift to develop is not mystery, but these are indepth answers for another time.

top weekly psychic

The psychic world, as you know, if you have a gift will throw you in at the deep end. The psychic’s life will be full of haunting tales with murderous ends, but how else can a psychic deal with the whole world and it’s pain? A psychic must be able to understand the dark side and not just float in the glory of the light side of spirituality. The root of all psychic gifts to my knowledge are not bestowed on a person with joy and white light. The gift is molded from pain and harrowing tragedy from a very small age. And eventually, they become a professional psychic and have the honor of helping others.

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