July 4th – Independence Day – It’s Not Just for America

Independence Day

Independence Day – celebration

It’s July 4th, United States’ Independence Day. A day when Americans celebrate with picnics, cook-outs, barbeques, family reunions, camping, back yard get-togethers, and, oh yeah, the all important fireworks. All this done in recognition of the day when the founding fathers declared their independence from a distant power.

With parades, parties in the park, grand shows of fireworks, readings of the Declaration in Town Squares and more, Americans celebrate their Independence Day. However, Independence Day need not be a holiday just celebrated by America as a country. It is a great day to turn into a day of declaring independence yourself.

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There is a difference between independence and being alone. Independence – based on a simple Google serach – is defined as “free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority”.  Being independent means you are able to choose to stand alone if that is your desire. Hence, through your independence you are strong in yourself and your ability to have a positive life and relationship. Relationships between two independent people are normally strong and mutually beneficial with communication being key.

The American founding fathers did not come up with the Declaration of Independence in one sitting. Each word was angst over for a total of seventeen days, and due consideration should be given to what you want independence from in your life. Take a day or two to let the idea of independence pour into your thinking in a positive way, showing you dependencies that are no longer needed.

Independence Day

Independence Day – how about your independence?

What do you have in your life you want to be independent of? It is a different thing for each person. While you may wish to be independent financially, your co-worker may want to be independent spiritually, while someone else may see independence as moving out of his or her parents’ home and living on their own. There are those that wish to be independent of a fear, a situation, or a person.

Going along with declaring that independence, like the young country had to fight for its independence, you may have to push yourself to make that independence a reality in your life. Independence is something that must be fought for. Here is where your commitment to your independence comes in to play. For, just as the fledgling colonists of America fought the British Redcoats for the right of self-governance, you may have to fight others or, more likely, yourself to gain the independence that you seek.

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The ideals of self-governance and independence are closely interwoven because self-governance can refer to the individual as well as it does a type of government. In order to be independent you have to exercise self-control (self-governance) to make appropriate choices to make your independence a reality. Ask anyone who has become independent from (quit) cigarettes.

Whatever you may think of American politics, the idea of creating your own independence in whatever way you perceive it to be, is one of the most empowering things you can do. Independence can come from the strength in believe in oneself. So, let go of those old ways of thinking, push yourself beyond that bad habit, and become that independent person you want to be.

And, in the future, you’ll be able to see some of those fireworks as a way to celebrate yourself!

Independence day

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