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Moon Magic

Moon magic

Moon magic – “There is a moon that rests in the quiet corners of a lover’s lips.” Sanober Khan

I would like to share an idea with you about how to be attuned to the magical blessings of life. This is the first cornerstone of living a magical life: to be attuned to the moon. The first technique I would like to share with you is called ‘drawing down the moon’.

A very simple but extremely powerful moon magic technique:

All you need to do is stand under the moon, ideally outside, but you can also do this from a window (preferably an open window). Just raise your palms with your arms by your sides, and gaze at the moon. Feel the energy from the moon filling your body and your breath. Enjoy breathing in these precious energies. If you like, you can make a simple wish for ‘abundance’, ‘love’, ‘joy’, ‘freedom’, or whatever comes to your mind. You can also ask the moon a question, or give thanks.

Moon magic

You may be surprised by how effective this is. If you like, when you come home you can light a candle and focus on bringing the moon energies alive in your home afterwards.

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