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Meditations for Emotional Grounding

Grounding meditation
Grounding meditation techniques

Sometimes, when life gets chaotic, it can become hard to not let the emotions you are experiencing gain control and uproot your spirit from your body. Here are 3 types of grounding meditation for Emotional Grounding. Use these when you are stressed, fearful, anxious, depressed, jealous, angry, hurt or during any moment when your emotions have made you become ungrounded from your body.

Grounding meditation – 1, Color Breathing

The visual imagery used in this “Color Breathing Meditation” creates an opportunity to calm your energies and ground your mind, body and spirit. You can do this meditation with closed eyes, or with your eyes open, while walking and even while talking. This is what is so handy about this meditation, it can be done anywhere!

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All you need to do to prepare for this meditation is to choose two colors. One color represents positive energy and the second color represents negative energy.

As you breath out, see the negative color leaving your body, sending all negative emotional energy out of you and back to source. As you breath in, see yourself absorbing the color of the positive energy, filling in the space left behind by the negative energy you had just expelled from your body.

Repeat this breathing pattern until you feel emotionally grounded again.

grounding meditation

Grounding meditation – 2, Stop Sign

Sometimes we need a meditation to help us break old patterns or habits. The “Stop Sign Meditation” works by interrupting the particular emotion causing you to repetitively become emotionally ungrounded. Once the energy becomes interrupted, you can ground yourself back into your body and return to your life without the control the emotion(s) had over you. These changes occur through increasing your Brain’s Neuroplasticity, your brains capability of navigating through change.

I feel it is important to point out that this meditation is only helpful through dedicated repetition, repetition is required for this meditation to fully work. The results are slow, but the long term benefits are life changing.
When you feel emotionally ungrounded, say silently to yourself, “STOP,” while you simultaneously imagine the image of a Stop Sign. Then, quickly imagine the feeling of peace, happiness, love and if it helps, compassion.

Do this every time you begin to feel the emotion(s) that trigger you to become emotionally ungrounded.

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Grounding meditation – 3, Candle Gazing

For those who struggle with closed eyed grounding meditation, this will work well. This is also a meditation that can be used during a New Moon to release unwanted energies.

Start by lighting a candle. Next, sit down and get comfortable. Keep your eyes open, and focus on the candle’s flame. Begin the meditation by focusing on your lungs, as they push and pull the air coming in and out of your body. As you focus, bring all the emotional energy that is causing you to become ungrounded into your lungs.

While you breath out, push all of the negative emotional energy into the flame of the candle. Watch the energy enter the flame and burn up.

While you breath in, ground into the earth and focus only on the flame as it exists NOW. Letting your energies adjust to being free of the negative emotional energies you had been holding onto.

Repeat until you are emotionally grounded and fully mindful of your body, mind and spirit.

Remember that it is normal to become emotionally ungrounded, this is part of being a human. If you found benefit from these meditations and want to begin Spiritual or Mindfulness Coaching Sessions with me, please come on over to my video chat and schedule a session with me.

Grounding meditation

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