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The amazing power of words

power of words

Power of words – What do you want to achieve?

Hey Everyone,

So lovely to be back with you all, sharing another lesson from my stock of practical spirituality.

This goes back to the time I was new to Reiki… I was doing my full-time ‘regular’ job back then and anything esoteric was something I pursued out of interest in my spare time. Reiki healing was one of my initial interests.

Prior to every Reiki class, our teacher or Sensei would have us all fill a form and in that form, we had to write about any past medical history, and fill in any mental, emotional or practical problems that bothered us such as chronic illnesses, depression, lack of confidence, or perhaps financial, career, or relationship blocks. This was so that we could learn how to heal from these issues as we progressed up the different levels of Reiki training.

My favorite part of the form was at the very end… There was this question which said, “What do you want to achieve with Reiki?”

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Every Reiki level I climbed up and every time I got a chance to respond to this question, I cannot tell you how thrilled I used to feel. For my belief in Reiki was so strong that I knew and I knew and I knew that I will get whatever I ask for, using Reiki energy!!!

My answer was simple and succinct; every single time, prior to every Reiki class, I wrote my answer there as – EVERYTHING!!!

Pretty soon, my life began to become so much more magical. Amazing things happened out of nowhere. Unexpected money, sudden vacations, gifts of jewelry, fancy clothes, dinners, business expansions, new cars…. dozens of tarot decks and hundreds of tarot books, pendulums, crystals, discounts at spas and resorts, you name it….. I had begun having it all. It was like I had some Midas touch! My life was a joyride in one sense!

On the other hand, I began to face some crazy issues too, like surgeries despite medical tests turning out normal and life-threatening health issues, dealing with haters, things getting stolen or missing in weird ways, even voodoo, scary ghost sightings, etc. This way I had my fair share of shock and trauma too, aside from an otherwise amazing life and lifestyle. And I had no way of explaining it… none of these would heal even with Reiki. On one side there was magic… on the other, there was this helplessness and weird stuff going on!

Howwwwww??  I asked for it all…. of course, I myself asked for it all.

power of words

Only after I had finished my Reiki grandmastership did I suddenly realize that I had MYSELF created such a life from choosing to have EVERYTHING! Power of words right? Everything – which includes every good, bad, and ugly thing! Although at the time of writing (asking for) it, I had not really thought of it that way, because in my imagination, I had nothing but amazing things of life when I said EVERYTHING. From then on, I learnt how I must word my thoughts better and with more care!

Looking back, I wonder how much more amazing my life would have been had I written on that form every single time….”EVERY AMAZING THING!”  Right……?

Power of words – profound value

The lesson I learnt from this experience is unforgettable and of profound value to me, that our words are constantly creating our life, and how careless and unmindful we can be of the power of words.

To tell you about another real-life incident about a man: he was the father of a 7-year-old girl who was fighting a life-threatening disease and the prognosis by the doctors was not good at all!  Often, this father would keep telling himself and whoever heard him out. ”I would give my arm just to see my baby healed.” Not once, not twice, but very very frequently he would say that!

One day while driving back home from work, this man got into a car accident. One of his arms was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. And here’s the thing, soon after he was discharged from the hospital, his daughter had a miraculous remission from her disease. She was completely healed! So yeah….he did give his arm….to have his baby healed! Didn’t he?

The power of words – so scary and so real, isn’t it?

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The good news, however, is – when we can’t do a thing about something that is bothering us, the ONE thing we CAN do is to speak ONLY positive words over such situations consciously and mindfully and frequently….even if there is no visible hint of positivity. Remember, words are a power we all are blessed with….and we can be warriors with our words.

Power of words – programming

Now I have a friend whose little son wasn’t able to speak. The boy otherwise reached all other milestones on time. My friend, the father of this boy, to everyone’s amusement, would speak, walk, pretend, behave, and talk LIKE his son was the most talkative little guy in the world! If anyone ever asked, “What’s wrong with your son?’ my friend would respond…”Oh, all is good…he speaks so well at home you have no idea! You should see him at home.” His responses would confuse the crap out of people! While it might appear like heights of positivity on part of my friend, he was only following a law of life with total faith that whatever he spoke is what would happen one day! He was programming his son’s life ahead with his words.

What do you all think is the current situation with the boy? This little 6-year-old son of my friend has been learning to play the guitar and now is part of the children’s choir group in their local church. A boy who could not speak on time is today singing for the glory of God! I dare not exaggerate anything about this boy or his dad. God’s my witness!

power of words

By our words, we create our miracles.

By  our words, we create an amazing life. 

By our words, we can speak life into any dead situation. 

By our words, we can call in favorable situations or cast away unfavorable circumstances.

Even the Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in our tongue, that when we are weak, we must say we are strong! It’s God’s directive! We can actually talk the mountains out of our lives! While a lot of us might know or acknowledge that truth, how many of us realize it as an ever-present Power? Real-ize…. as in making the power real for ourselves?

All of us talk – some less, some more… but most of the time, most of us are not conscious that we are exercising a tremendous power! So now on, how about being more mindful and conscious about the power of words? How about choosing AND using better words, and having a sure power over our lives? See what magic happens then!

How does it get any simpler than THIS?

Stay blessed, stay blissed! More power to you all!


power of words

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