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How to purify your karma?

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Karma – The origins

The notion of „ karma ” originates from Asian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism) and it refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

Although karma is a very real form of energy, not a philosophical abstract concept, karmic interrelations are not always easy to be identified as they can be rooted in the past lives of the individuals. According to the Asian belief systems, rebirths are strongly related to karma: good deeds bring happiness and abundance in your new life while bad deeds bring further suffering. Certainly, karma can play out in our present lives too. Sometimes the relationship between your attitude of the past and your present circumstances is obvious: if you treated people nicely, in the majority of the cases they will return our kindness in future. You can also witness that selfishness, arrogance, and greediness bring only short term benefits.

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On other occasions, the cause and effect relationship is not that obvious, as the cause may be rooted in our past lives. Thus, the apparently unexplainable events of someone’s life, both the very fortunate and the extremely tragic ones result from the good or bad karma you accumulated in the past. These „karmic seeds” will bring „fruits” at a particular moment, either to teach that person a lesson for their bad deeds in their previous lives or to reward them for the good ones.


Karma – karmic seeds

However, you don’t need to remember your past lives to improve your karma. It is not a coincidence that most people are not able to recall their past life experiences (however, these emerge spontaneously quite often in dreams, fantasies, déja vu experiences, but this is the topic of another article). As far as your spiritual progress is concerned, it is more important to focus on your present life and through your good deeds and virtues plant good „karmic seeds”. Very often these will bring results in your current life and can neutralize the bad karma of the previous births. This is one of the reasons why Western Astrology (which I practice) focuses almost exclusively on the present life.

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While the whole birth chart can be regarded as the „karmic fingerprint” of an individual, the outer planets and certain houses have a strong connection with karma. Saturn is regarded the Lord of Karma in Astrology. Besides the difficulties, pressures and limitations the cosmic taskmaster is associated with responsibility, discipline, tasks, hard work, perseverance, groundedness, knowledge, wisdom, values that withstand the test of time, genuine efforts and tangible results. The best and simplest way to „purify” your karma is to pay special attention to the themes and the tasks Saturn represents in your birth chart.

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