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Crystals for Happiness and Protection

Written By: Dr. Nikki

Crystals resonate with their individual energies that can help us. Here are some crystals to use when trying to improve happiness or provide for personal protection.

This reflective shiny crystal is black in appearance and is associated with the Root Chakra. Hematite brings focus and coherence to scattered thoughts and fragmented emotions. The ancient Babylonians believed that Hematite was able to impart justice and bring good results in lawsuits. Using Hematite as a seal of protection was thought to have brought destruction to one’s enemies. Ancient warriors carried the stone into battle because by tradition it granted strength and readiness. Considered one of the most powerful stones for grounding, Hematite can repel negative energy. Wearing hematite is believed to help repel negative energies.

Clear Quartz
From “crystal clear” to a milky white, Clear Quartz is one of the most prolific crystals. As anyone who works with high tech electronics will tell you, quartz is an excellent amplifier of energy. Considered good for healing and communication this beautiful stone is often used to cleanse negative energy or as a scrying device. Wearing Clear Quartz jewelry has many benefits including strengthening psychic connections. For best effect, wear the jewelry near your head. With its ability to deflect energy, it is strongly associated with emotional and psychic protection. Clear Quartz is used in many healing ceremonies.

Sunstone/ Aventurine Feldspar
Aventurine is known as the “gambler’s stone” and is carried to encourage good luck and end a “losing streak”. Associated with the Heart Chakra, this green stone with flecks of mica can be used in a variety of ways. Meditating with a piece of Aventurine held at the Heart Chakra can help to bring erratic emotions under control. As a strong crystal of protection, wearing Aventurine can protect you on both the physical and psychic planes. One of the stones of harmony, strategically placing raw pieces of Aventurine can help enhance peace and serenity in the home.

The more golden tone of Peridot known as “Goldstone” is a powerful stone with many uses. Aligned with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, Goldstone is used in helping to heal matters of the heart. Called “little nuggets of positive power” they are especially helpful with dispelling negative thoughts or emotions. Embodying solar energies, it is a good stone to wear for financial or career protection. Imparting energy and vitality to the wearer, Goldstone jewelry both protects from the negative energies and enhances the positive energies around you.

This beautiful warm soft green stone had the power to detect changes in the heavens. Known as Heliotrope it was thought to be able to detect a solar or lunar eclipse. It is a stone of perception. The Ancient Egyptians saw Bloodstone as a stone of protection against deception and falsehood. Feeling a little out of touch? Try carrying a piece of Bloodstone. It can be used as an amulet for protection, and to help keep you grounded and “down to earth”. Placing a piece of Bloodstone on your desk can help instill the motivation and ambition to finish a difficult project.

Next week, check back for how Crystals apply to Money And Career.

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