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Essential oils

Essential oils

Essential oils – relax

Essential oils are very effective in treating stress both emotionally and physically. Natural, easy-to-use, have no side-effects that are common to allopathic medicines.

The life of many of us seems to be a daily roller-coaster. We’re jumping from one obligation to another, running between the house, the children, the service, the parents. But we have a desperate need to relax and slow down this crazy rhythm of living our lives.

Many believe I can endlessly cope with this lifestyle. In fact, until they need a break, a moment of peace and quiet. Our mind, soul, and body need oxygen for relaxation. Without her, we can not have healthy relationships with our family. Without it, we can not have a balance in our own life in our choices. We risk becoming monuments of stress, frustration, and bitterness.

essential oils

Essential oils – in everyday life

Essential oils for relaxation – how we help in everyday life: All our emotions can be sustained and helped by essential oils. Remember the lavender smell of your grandmother’s closet? Or the smell of warm bread made by your mother when you were young? Flavors allow us to instantly access our emotions in unique ways.

Next, I will suggest some essential oils that will calm you and bring you a state of well-being: 5 drops essential oil of Cedar, 5 drops essential oil of Ylang Ylang, 4 drops essential oil of Lavender, 3 drops essential oil of Bergamot, 3 drops of essential oil of Patchouli.

This combination is perfect for use in the evening when the mind needs silence, the body needs relaxation to have a quiet and restful sleep.

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Use essential quality oils, tested and manufacturer certificates as pure and therapeutic grade. At an emotional level, they stimulate the memories, the endocrine glands and the production of hormones. They are effective in treating depression, pain, low self-esteem, and sleep improvement, as well as and distress related stress.

As a conclusion, essential oils can improve our lives and heal our bodies, minds, and souls.

essential oils

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