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The Third Eye

Third Eye

The Third Eye – teaching

The Third Eye is the center of knowledge and our energetic connection to wisdom. It is the 6th chakra and is also known as the forehead chakra. In the aura of teaching, it carries the color violet and is also known as the eye of Shiva.

You can also open your third eye. Mediation is a good option or by looking in the mirror. Focus on your forehead chakra, relax and you will soon feel a sense of warmth and vibration.

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When you have learned to see with the third eye, you can recognize the aura of others. In their energy, you recognize the character and abilities of a human being. You get a strong intuition, good human knowledge, high mental abilities and good perceptions. Over time, you develop clairvoyant abilities. So you can see better on the spiritual level. These things can also be very helpful in everyday life.

Third Eye

The Third Eye – liberation

People with an open third eye can be more guided by their feelings and their intuition. They feel more confident in their choices and more inwardly freed. They live the things they feel. So they get to an inner liberation. You become calmer, more balanced and also in dealing with other people, you recognize their energies immediately with the first contact. You get to the ability to perceive and interpret real and hidden situations. You are more and more listening to your inner voice, and so get to an inner joy and the feeling of doing everything well and right.

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Many people forget themselves through rational thinking, so are dissatisfied and unfulfilled in their soul. With the activation of the third eye, we learn to cope better with our lives, to live our abilities, to pay attention to our feelings and needs, and thus unfold our intuition.

Third eye

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