Winter Solstice 2018

Winter solstice

Winter solstice – shortest day of the year

The winter solstice occurs on the 21st of December, 5:23 pm EST; when the Sun enters Capricorn. On the Northern hemisphere this marks the beginning of the winter. Solstices and equinoxes were celebrated in all of the ancient cultures of the world, as they are important turning points of the year. They also have an astrological significance, as they can give an insight in the opportunities, challenges and tasks of the period up to the Spring Equinox.

On the northern hemisphere the day of the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. Winter is about retreat and regeneration. The processes of development and transformation occur behind the scenes. Capricorn is an introverted, practical, goal – oriented sign, famous of making the most even from dropping sources. Capricorn season is the time of the year when we evaluate  the achievements the previous 11 months and we are setting new goals for the next year. We also consider, how we can make the most out of the resources we have at disposal.

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The current winter solstice chart indicates an interval of time full of possibilities and challenges. This is indicated by some significant planetary aspects perfecting on the same day, or 2 – 3 days before / after the celestial event.

Saturn, the ruler of the Capricorn is in its own sign and supported by the sextiles of Venus and Neptune. Actually it is in the midpoint of the trine between Venus and Neptune.

Venus represents our emotional and security needs, the way we are expressing our love and affection, our style, the things we value in life. It also has a financial significance. In Scorpio it is deep, emotional, sensual and intuitive.

Neptune is an outer planet, associated with the collective unconscious, the realms of dreams and fantasies. If it is not well grounded, it can bring illusions, delusions and confusion.

Winter solstice

Winter solstice – fulfill your needs

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the cosmic Taskmaster, associated with the material realms. It is about boundaries, restrictions, discipline and structure. This qualities are essential to achieve what we are longing (Venus) for, and to make our dreams (Neptune) come true. As these planets are connected with each other by flowing aspects, the cosmic atmosphere is ideal to find the right ways and right persons to fulfill our deepest emotional and security needs.

However it is not always easy to distinguish which relationships and activities are nourishing us, and which are the delusive ones. The conjunction between Jupiter and Mercury perfects on the same day. Jupiter is generous, optimistic, enthusiastic in its own sign, but paying attention to the details and practical mentality are not its strengths. Mercury, the planet of mental processes and logic is in detriment in Sagittarius. This combination in itself prompts us to think big, to make or to believe groundless promises. Their challenging aspects with Neptune can distort the perspective, too.

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Under such circumstances it is essential to distinguish what is achievable, grounded and what belongs only to fantasy realms. Certainly visions and inspirations are strong motivators, but the tangible results are coming only from Saturn. Now we have both energies at our disposal. Additionally the trine between Uranus and the Sun perfected on the 20th is still on effect. This is a very favorable aspect for sudden opportunities, genius ideas, brilliant breakthroughs. Make the most out of them and from this energy!

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